About us

We, Jacco and Peter, have been working in interior construction for more than 15 years. Laying laminate floors is a common job. We also work on interiors of boats and caravans where a sleek finish without seams is desired.

Finishing interiors is often achieved with adhesive skirting boards and frames made of rigid materials such as MDF and wood, with or without a paper layer. In areas where cleaning is done with a damp cloth, this standard MDF or wooden skirting board is difficult or even not easy to use. Due to the stiffness of the existing adhesive skirting board, it is hardly editable and the existing skirting board can only be applied straight. In practice, many walls are not perfectly straight and gaps appear.

We searched the market for a flexible adhesive skirting board that could help in our work. This turned out not to be available and we then started developing the ideal Flexplinth ourselves.

The skirting board had to be flexible enough to easily follow convex or concave walls. Can be rolled up, so that it can easily be taken on the bus. Made of a beautiful plastic with the right look and feel, but can also be used in damp areas. Available in longer lengths so that you have as few interruptions as possible.

The development of the ideal Flexplinth took several years. We have extensively tested the skirting boards to ensure that we can deliver perfect quality. The results are impressive. We have a skirting board that meets all wishes and is also patented by us because of its unique properties. The Flexplinth is suitable for all interiors, even in boats and caravans where round shapes are often used. Moreover, the Flex skirting board is very competitive in terms of price compared to conventional skirting boards.

The Flexplinth is now only available in white and black. In the near future we will focus on the development of wood designs so that the Flexplinth can be matched even better to the interior.