Step 1. Choose the color and the number of meters

Choose the desired color and order the total required meters of Flex skirting. Please note that Flexplint is supplied on rolls of up to 10 meters, which improves user-friendliness. You can also easily receive up to 10 meters in the letterbox.

Step 2. Receive your Flexplinth

Upon receipt you will receive the Flexplinth on a roll. The flexibility of the Flex skirting board makes it possible to transport a considerable length of skirting board in a compact manner. Allow the Flexplint to acclimatize at room temperature for 24 hours before using it.

Step 3. Cutting the Flex skirting board to size

The Flex skirting board can be cut to size with a box cutter, kitchen scissors or skirting board scissors, resulting in a sleek and attractive finish. Before applying, check whether the size of the cut Flex skirting board matches your wishes.

Step 4. Clean the surface (grease-free)

For optimal results, it is essential to make the surface clean and free of grease before applying the Flex skirting board. This ensures better adhesion of the tape under the Flex skirting board. A firmly attached Flex skirting provides a nicer finish and a longer lifespan.

Step 5. Laying the Flex skirting board

Place the cut-to-size piece of Flexplinth upside down at the desired location. Remove the protective film from the tape and position the Flexplinth. Press the Flex skirting board firmly over the entire length to ensure that it makes good contact with the surface.